Sony’s PlayStation 4 came out higher in November when it came to sales of the blockbuster games on next-gen consoles, according to market researcher NPD. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 versions of the big games sold the most copies.

But that makes sense, given the timing of sales. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 still has the largest active user community when it comes to the living room game consoles, with more than 80 million consoles in the market. Consequently, the Xbox 360 version was the bestseller for seven of the top ten games during the month of November, according to the report on U.S. physical retail sales of games in November.

And Sony had the advantage for more sales during the month because the PlayStation 4 launched on Nov. 15, a full week ahead of the Microsoft Xbox One next-generation console. For the next-generation, the PS4 was the top seller on five of the top ten titles. The Xbox One version was the top seller on two of the top ten titles. The Wii version was the top seller on three of the top ten.

NPD said Xbox One sold 909,132 units in the U.S. during the month of November. That captures nine days of sales, compared to 15 days for Sony. Microsoft said it sold more than 2 million units worldwide in its first 2.5 weeks of sales, while Sony said it sold two million units during its first 18 days.

Microsoft said that the Xbox One sold three times as many units compared to the Xbox 360 during its U.S. launch in November 2005. On average, players have purchased 2.1 Xbox One games per console to date.

Microsoft said that total spending on the Xbox platform in November was $1.21 billion, the most for any console in the U.S.