Kabam is repurposing its robot-shooting mobile game, Blastron, for Facebook.

In doing so, Kabam is reversing its typical flow for a social game compared to years past, and it shows that it isn’t averse to launching on the platform where the company got its start.

Blastron is the first game that Kabam has started on mobile (iOS and Android) and moved to Facebook. It runs on the Unity engine, which allows it to be easily converted for cross-platform purposes.

“Facebook has one of the biggest audiences on the Web, and we are excited about taking advantage of its unmatched global reach to increase the access to one of our most popular shooter games,” said Andrew Sheppard, president of Kabam Studios. “Not only will new players find out about Blastron, but existing players will be able to enjoy the game in more places. We’re excited about other Kabam titles becoming available on Facebook in the near future.”

Kabam is growing fast, with revenues expected to rise 80 percent from $180 million in 2012 to $325 million in 2013. The company has more than $50 million in cash, and its valuation during its last $38.5 million funding was $700 million.

“More people are playing core games on Facebook today than ever before,” said Dan Morris, head of North American games partnerships at Facebook.  “Kabam’s use of the Unity game engine to bring Blastron to Facebook is exactly the type of seamless, cross-platform game distribution we expect to take off in 2014. We look forward to bringing even more cross-platform titles to Facebook over the coming months.”