Moped announced it has been acquired by fellow Berlin company 6Wunderkinder, which will shut down the service on 31 December. It was clear the Berlin-based messaging platform wasn’t doing well – its social media channels had been eerily quiet since May and the last we heard from it was in June, when it released Moped 2.0.

6Wunderkinder’s main product is Wunderlist –  a task management app – and in November the company announced a $19m funding round from American VC firm Sequoia.

Initially launched as a private messaging tool resembling Twitter’s DM feature, including hashtags and @s, Moped pivoted with its 2.0 version to provide a messaging service for teams and SMEs. This is the same market that 6Wunderkinder targets with its premium service, Wunderlist Pro. In a statement to The Next Web, 6Wunderkinder said the acquisition cements “Wunderlist as the one place to host all communications around your to-dos”.

In June 2012, Moped closed a $1m seed funding round with German VC Earlybird (also an investor in 6Wunderkinder), SV Angel, Betawork, and Lerer Ventures. The Next Web reports that there’s a silver lining for Moped users – they’ll receive one free month of Wunderlist Pro as part of the takeover.

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