No one ever taught me the difference between a fan and a connoisseur, but I think maybe it has to do with the quality of the art you hang on your wall. If that’s the case, art dealer Cook & Becker has some new pieces that could make you a Street Fighter connoisseur.

The online dealer partnered with Capcom to introduce a line of Street Fighter prints that cover the entire history of the publisher’s beloved fight game. The prints include early Chun-Li concept art, an Akuma drawing, and a portrait of every Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike character.

“This has really been a passion project for us as many of us here are huge fans of the series,” Cook & Becker boss Maarten Brands said in a statement. “It is not often that you get to work with material covering so many years, and it was a real challenge to narrow down so much great artwork to a manageable collection, but we’re very proud and happy with the results and hope fans and collectors are as enthusiastic.”

As you might expect, these prints are expensive and in limited quantities. For example, the dealer only had 40 of this early Ryu vs. Sagat concept art for Street Fighter IV, which costs $200.

Check out our gallery below for a better look at what Capcom and Cook & Becker are offering: