Intel announced today it’s acquiring the assets of the wireless infrastructure division of Mindspeed Technologies, a Newport Beach, Calif.-based company that M/A-COM Technology is gobbling up.

Intel is already a player in the mobile Internet infrastructure to some degree, but the deal shows that mobile is becoming more and more important to the PC chip giant. Terms were not disclosed.

Intel’s goal has been to use its PC-based x86 architecture as a common platform for consolidating communication-workload processing in a way that enables customers to reuse technology and reduce costs.

In this case, the customers are telecommunications carriers, who can tap general-purpose computing to process networking workloads in the mobile infrastructure. Computing tech is increasingly seeing use in telecom infrastructure to manage phone calls, process wireless access, route data traffic, and enable Internet surfing on mobile devices with 3G and 4G protocols. 

With the acquisition of Mindspeed, Intel will get technology for signal processing and intellectual property for telecommunications base stations. The wireless infrastructure division of Mindspeed has sites in Bath, England; Newport Beach, Calif.; and Beijing and Shenzhen, China.

Meanwhile, M/A-COM announced in November that it had agreed to buy Mindspeed itself for $5.05 a share in cash, or $272 million.

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