The crafting of mines will officially commence tomorrow on PlayStation 3.

Minecraft developer Mojang confirmed that it will release the beloved block-building game Tuesday on PS3. Sony confirmed the indie phenomenon was coming to its platforms during the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show earlier this year. For now, only the PS3 edition of Minecraft has an official date.

“Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition and Minecraft: PS Vita Edition are also being developed, but we don’t have release dates yet,” Mojang marketing boss Owen Hill wrote on the PlayStation blog. “Expect them sometime next year.”

Minecraft is a smash hit that has players surviving in a blocky world while crafting weapons and building structures. It debuted on PC before moving to mobile and Xbox 360. Mojang confirmed that the PS3 Edition will debut with all of the features that players on Microsoft’s console are enjoying.

Like the Xbox 360 release, Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will also have downloadable skins and texture packs, but Sony won’t have them on the PlayStation Network tomorrow. Those items should hit the service soon after the game’s release, though.

The studio eventually plans to release Minecraft for Xbox One as well.

So far, Mojang has sold 30 million copies of Minecraft on PC, Xbox 360, and mobile. The addition of Sony platforms should help the studio sell a few more.

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