Updated at 2:15 p.m. with additional information on the pricing structure.

We’re more than a year and half since developer Double Fine started the crowdfunding trend with its Double Fine Adventure project on Kickstarter, and other studios that followed in its wake are starting to release their games.

Developer Camouflaj revealed today that it’s releasing its crowdfunded game République on Thursday. République is a stealth-action title for iOS with dark, fully rendered 3D visuals. Camouflaj boss Ryan Payton revealed on Twitter that the studio plans to release the game to the App Store for $5.

République puts players in control of a series of surveillance cameras. Players must use their Big Brother-style abilities to help a character named Hope escape the people who captured and detained her.

In April 2012, Camouflaj brought République to Kickstarter to help pay for development. The project had a crowdfunding goal of $500,000, and backers ended up pledging around $555,000.

While you can pick up the title for only $5 on the App Store, that is only the first episode of a four-part arc. Each additional episode will also sell for $5, which brings the total to $20. Backers of the Kickstarter had to contribute a minimum of $10 to get access to the game, and they will get all four episodes for donating that money.

Camouflaj will also sell the entire four-episode season of République for $15. That’s a 25 percent discount, and this method also gets players early access to episode two.