Twitter is giving its mobile ad efforts another small but significant boost.

The company announced today its plans to extend its “promoted accounts” ads to the streams of its mobile users. Drawn from the accounts users already follow, promoted accounts are designed to help brands build bigger Twitter followings (which is why they include their own tiny “follow” buttons).


Above: Promoted accounts, found on Twitter’s left column on desktop, are getting prime real estate on mobile.

Twitter’s argument for pushing promoted accounts to mobile is pretty straightforward: Users are more likely make a purchase from brands they already follow on Twitter, the company argues, so it makes sense to put more brand accounts in front of then.

More, Twitter says promoted accounts become even more powerful when they’re geo-targeted, opening up big possibilities for coffee shops and other local venues. For Twitter, which sees 76 percent of its visits from mobile devices, mobile promoted accounts are baked into its basic value proposition.

To sum it up, Twitter is putting more of its weight behind what could be one of its more significant ad units down the line as its mobile user numbers continue to climb.