Not sure what to get your friends who constantly have the world at their fingertips (or need to enroll in tech rehab)? Here are our top picks…

1) Palomino Blackwing Pencils

‘Tis the season of anguish and confusion for the tech addict. Why? Greeting cards. The thing about writing holiday cards is that it requires writing… by hand. To ease your friend back to the mystical realm of paper, pen(cil) and no delete buttons in 2014, present them with the choice writing instrument of esteemed authors such as John Steinbeck and Leonard Bernstein. $19.95 at


2) OnePiece Jumpsuit

Want to give the gift of optimal comfort? Enter the “the ultimate chill-out wear” – a Norwegian one-piece sweatsuit. No waistband, no hassle… only you, yourself and your internets. €179 at OnePiece

3) Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (as Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude

It’s been a big (internet) year for the Canadian actor. From “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” to “Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling“, the Gos has inspired a barrage of memes. Among the best? Feminist Ryan Gosling, which has been made into a book, by Danielle Henderson. With the ongoing conversation about gender imbalance in tech, the collection of dreamy images and feminism quotes is the perfect means of ‘edutainment’.

$8.98 at Amazon

4) Braun alarm clock

Remember when waking up in the morning wasn’t correlated to remembering to charge (or not losing) your phone the night before? Bring the good ol’ days back by giving a simple, well-designed, voice-activated Braun alarm clock. €35 at Braun

5) Game Boy Flask

It may be hard for the tech-obsessed to part with gadgets – even when alcohol is involved. Luckily, there’s the customisable Game Boy Flask to help alleviate the separation anxiety. €14.55 at Etsy

6) Little Printer

Little Printer is a clever web-connected printer that combines digital and print. How it works: use your smartphone to subscribe to more than 150 publications (including New York Times and the Guardian), select content and then print your own mini-newspaper at the push of a button. £169 at Berg Cloud 

7) The Napsack

Scheming to convert your tech addict into a nature lover in 2014? We think the Napsack – a wearable sleeping bag – might do the trick. That, or it’ll give them a bigger reason not to leave the computer… ever.  $130 at Poler

8) “Holy Notes” Notebook

“Holy notes!” is probably how most digitally inclined individuals respond to the sight of a paper-based notebook… or a Bible. Naturally, we think the “Holy Notes” Notebook is a nice way to remind thine friends that pre-internet age hath indeed existeth. €39 at Voo Store

9) Cordito leather cord wrap

Because all the tech addict really wants is to tame those cables in style, right? €39,92 at Etsy

10) Offscreen Magazine

We know, the digital and physical worlds don’t have to be separate entities – one is not necessarily more authentic than the other. But sometimes it’s really nice to be reminded of the power of print… This is where a 3-issue-subscription of Offscreen Magazine comes in. As the name suggests, the mag delves into “what happens off the screen” and profiles people behind successful websites and apps. €59 at Offscreen Mag

This story originally appeared on VentureVillage. Copyright 2013