We’re getting close to the end of 2013, so why not look back at some of the year’s notable releases by reading these community reviews?

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Now, let’s get to the reviews.

Super Mario 3D World review
By Cassie Gotto

“This is a system seller for the Wii U. People who already own the console should not hesitate to pick this up, and those who don’t should really consider it.”

Ryse: Son of Rome review
By Ricardo Benitez

“Remember that Michael Bay movie, Pearl Harbor? It’s an absolute special-effects beauty of a movie, but the story just seemed a bit too long for one sitting. This is how Ryse was with me.”

Ryse: Son of Rome

Above: He’s no Kratos, but he might do in a pinch.

Image Credit: Crytek

HE’S AN ANIMAL ROCK! No really – he’s some kind of turkey? (a Beast Boxing Turbo review)
By Rory Appleton

“Beast Boxing Turbo takes the typical underdog story and puts a different spin on it by putting the player in charge of a young woman looking to prove the human race’s worth to its monster overlords.”

The recipe for Dragon City
By David Serrano

“Dragon City is SocialPoint’s most renowned game, and since its release date, it has been a dominant stakeholder inside the social games environment. Why? It uses a formula based on the well-known farm games but adds a dynamic component of gathering and collecting units for fighting later.”