People who spend money on social and casual games on mobile tend to pay a lot on their first day with a game, according to app-marketing firm Playnomics.

In a study of over 300 million social-gaming player profiles, Playnomics discovered that mobile spenders are much quicker to pull out their credit card than a player on the web. The report found that the people who pay money for mobile social games spend 63.4 percent of what they will pay for each game on the first day. On the web, social gamers that make purchases only spend 10.4 percent of their lifetime total per title on the first day.

Mobile gamers want their goodies right away.

Above: Mobile gamers want their goodies right away.

Image Credit: Playnomics

This disparity is possibly due to mobile gamers having an easier payment process thanks to things like carrier billing, where players buy things and receive charges for it on their cellphone bill.

Playnomics also found that web gamers had a threshold that could determine if they would turn into paying customers. If a player returned to a web game three times in the first seven days, Playnomics discovered a 74 percent chance they would end up spending money.

In terms of demographics, men and women are pretty evenly split in terms of engagement. In the first 60 days with a game, men spent 113.8 minutes on average while women played for 105.9 minutes. Women, however, did 72 percent of their total playing in the first two weeks. Men spread it out a bit more, with only 62 percent of the total play happening in the first 14 days.

Finally, Turkey is the most-engaged country of social gamers. Over a three-month period, the average Turkish gamer played casual games for 845.8 minutes. The average play session last for 47.1 minutes in the Eurasian country.