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Ray-Ban and VICE teamed up in 2013 to help make a select group of individuals’ visions come to life. The Envision Series inspires and facilitates creative ideas. The Ray-Ban/VICE team traveled the country searching for ideas it thought were worthy enough to back. While on the hunt for these ideas, the team also documented everyone from event producer Matt Goldman to CODA (an experimental design and research studio) and a number of other individuals who had a unique creative vision.

One of them was classically trained musician Dan Deacon. Dan never let the rules of the classical world tie him down. His brand of electronic experimental compositions have found fans in sweaty basements and festival grounds — and every in between.

His latest album, America, takes him a step closer to being a truly modern composer by enlisting the help of live orchestral instruments and writing in a constant theme of geography throughout the album.

Dan’s vision to take electronic music from the party to the big stage without losing the fun is becoming a reality, and we’ll be right there to watch it happen. But it’s not just about the music for this composer.

Blurring the world between art and technology, Dan has a vision of crowds of thousands being directly involved his performance via his smartphone application.

The latest step toward this is his performance at this year’s Celebrate Brooklyn. This performance will be one of the largest that directly involved his smart phone app.

The app will be used to make this crowd of a thousand or so feel like the intimate basement parties that Dan thrived in.

Check out the video below:

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