MetaMarkets is a startup that helps the purveyors and purchasers of online ads make better decisions through shrewd of real-time data.

Today, the company filed a Form D with the SEC for a $5 million round of equity funding. The company’s last round was a $15 million chunk of change last year.

To date, MetaMarkets has raised in excess of $23 million.

Previous investors include True Ventures, Dennis Crowley, IA Ventures, Village Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and AOL Ventures.

For this round, we see partners from IA, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Khosla named in the filing.

MetaMarkets CEO Mike Driscoll told VentureBeat via email, “In order to support the company’s rapid growth, we reopened our last round of funding to our existing investors. It was a relatively small amount, but enough to help us continue to focus on accelerating our business without making the time commitment required by raising a new round of funding.”

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