It’s always a delight when outrageously cool-looking games materialize out of nowhere from the indie game community. Strike Vector from Ragequit is one of those titles. Made in 10 months and started by four people (and now with nine over the past 15 months), the multiplayer aerial combat sci-fi game is debuting in January in an open beta.

The 3D graphics look astonishingly good considering it was made by such a small team. You can fly aerial sci-fi combat spacecraft that can transform themselves in midflight into other kinds of craft.

The title was quickly approved on Steam Greenlight, where the game community voted to have it published on Valve’s Steam digital distribution network.

The developers include Paul Chadeisson, who worked on games like Remember Me; and Pierre-Etienne Travers, who previously helped make games such as Evolution’s Motorstorm and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.