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Ray-Ban and VICE teamed up in 2013 to help make a select group of individuals’ visions come to life. The Envision Series inspires and facilitates creative ideas. The Ray-Ban/VICE team traveled the country searching for ideas it thought were worthy enough to back. While on the hunt for these ideas, the team also documented everyone from musician Dan Deacon to Action Bronson and a number of other individuals who had a unique creative vision.

One of them was Caroline O’Donnell, who leads CODA, an Ithaca, N.Y.-based experimental design and research studio. CODA’s work is a negotiation between form and the environment. The work is both seamlessly integrated and reactive to a particular environment.

The firm’s recent projects include Bloodline, a self-consuming barbecue pavilion in Stuttgart, Germany; CounterSpace, a housing development in Dublin; Noatun, an urban plan for Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands; Zoom House, a seasonal extension in Brisbane, Australia; and Half-House, a house in a secret location in the United States.

Now Caroline and her team are set to create their next big vision, “Party Wall.” Party Wall will be installed at the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in New York. It’s the perfect example of CODA’s way of both working with their environment while also pushing the boundaries of what anyone envisioned was possible.

Check out the video below:

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