Thank you all for voting in our annual Startup of the Year poll. The results are in – here are the favorite startups from our shortlist:

#1 Fieldoo

What sport has over 250 million players worldwide and an industry worth a huge €20bn? Football. So it’s no surprise that Slovenian-based startup Fieldoo, likened as a LinkedIn for football players and agents, has secured the big title this year.

#2 ShareDesk

Launched in Vancouver, ShareDesk is an online platform that connects professionals – from freelancers to entrepreneurs – with people are who are offering office space for rent. Why? “This is great for anyone looking for affordable places to work, plus business owners can monetize their unused office space while attracting talent to their workplace,” ShareDesk COO Enrico Lcardi told us earlier this year.


Startupbootcamp Berlin alumni BabyWatch – which provides expectant mothers with technology that hopes to make tracking pregnancy and child development more interactive – has had a big year. The team won the Pioneers Challenge in Vienna and has announced they’re heading to the US in the coming year.

Here are the top six startups by percentage (via Polldaddy)…

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