It’s the time of year when waistline-attacking gift baskets invade our offices and holiday cards fill up our mailboxes. Since it’s Christmas, we’re in a generous mood — here are the season’s greetings that the video game industry has sent our way, so you can share in the cheer. (What, did you think we were going to part with our edible treats? Fat chance!)

We scanned in physical cards or took screenshots of virtual ones and then removed key logos or text with a fancy, high-tech program called MS Paint. Can you guess which companies sent these? The answers (along with the original images) are below this gallery, along with a scoring key.

The answers:

How many correct did you get?

20: Liar! Don’t make Baby You-Know-Who cry.

19-15: Pretty damn good! You’re a little obsessed with the game industry, aren’t you?

14-10: Not bad! You’re definitely smarter than your friends say you are.

9-5: This is about what we had expected from you. It’s not your fault — some of these are tough.

4-1: You are bad at this, and you should feel bad.

0: What, you didn’t even get “Atlus”?