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Today marks Day 8 of the latest round of PC gaming Winter Sales. Steam, Green Man Gaming, and Amazon all began their big December discounts last week December 18th. Shortly to follow on December 20th was GameStop and not long after that, on December 23rd, was Origin’s “End of the Year” sale.

To make life easier for the PC gaming bargain hunter, we’ve broken down some of the top picks from each of the retailer’s respective post-Xmas deals. Anything listed below are at or near their lowest ever price. Some noteworthy deals you should keep an eye out on is XCOM: Enemy Within at GMG for only $12, or Tomb Raider (2013) for only $5 from

UPDATE: New Day 9 Deals

Green Man Gaming



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PC Gaming Winter Sales Day 8

Green Man Gaming Winter Sale
Green Man Gaming not only has instant discounts up to 75% off, but there’s a 20% off coupon code which stacks for extra savings.

Amazon Digital Games Holiday Deals
Not only are there some big discounts in Amazon’s Holiday Deals sale, but every sale gets you a $5 credit to use on January 4th towards an “Editor’s Choice” of 2013 games.

GameStop PC Digital Winter Sale
GameStop’s Winter sale began a little later than some of the others, and while it doesn’t have a mega site-wide discounts the few games that are on sale are all at great price points.

Steam 2013 Winter Holiday Sale
Steam’s Winter Sale is always an occasion to look forward to. Unfortunately, they have so much competition from other retailers selling “Steam Keys” that most of the best discounts found on Steam are their daily refreshed deals and Flash sales – most other discounts can be beat at other retailers.

Origin End of the Year Sale
Origin is by far the weakest Winter sale. They have a site-wide 40% off discount, which generally is blow away by the competition. Having said that, there are a few “Digital Deluxe Edition” games that are sold exclusively on Origin, and it’s a great time to pick them up.

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