Battlefield 4 developer DICE disappointed some of its fans by delaying its planned double XP event for the end of December, but the wait will come to an end tomorrow.

DICE revealed that it will begin a three-day double XP event tomorrow that will run through Jan. 5, according to an update on Battlefield Battlelog website. Starting at 5 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow, Battlefield Premium subscribers can start earning double the standard experience points for every kill and assist. DICE will flip things back to normal on Sunday at 3 p.m. Pacific.

This event was originally intended to occur earlier this week to mark the end of December, but DICE had to postpone it due to intermittent connectivity issues. These issues were in addition to the bugs and connection issues that have plagued Battlefield 4 since it debuted in October.

DICE is continuing to work through the problems with its shooter. Publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that the studio will not move on to any new projects until it gets Battlefield 4 fully operational.

The 2XP event is part of DICE’s monthly reward for Battlefield Premium subscribers. For $50 on top of the cost of the base Battlefield 4 game, players get full access to every BF4 expansion, bonus items, and these events as part of their Premium membership.

DICE currently has around 10 major bugs listed on its issue-tracker page for Battlefield 4. So far, the studio has patched a number of glitches that were causing the title to crash and behave weirdly.

Battlefield 4 is one of EA’s biggest blockbuster franchises. It was the second best-selling games in November, according to industry intelligence firm The NPD Group, and digital sales of map packs and Premium subscriptions are a big chunk of the publisher’s bottom line.

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