Your World of Warcraft account is potentially in grave danger.

Developer Blizzard revealed that a new trojan is creeping into Warcraft accounts and stealing information, as first spotted by Gamesindustry International. The trojan, called “Disker,” is even capable of breaking into accounts that use two-factor authentication, which is when the login process sends a specialized code to an app that players must enter before the system will accept the e-mail and password combination.

“We’ve been receiving reports regarding a dangerous trojan that is being used to compromise player’s accounts even if they are using an authenticator for protection,” reads a post on the forums. “The Trojan acts in real time to do this by stealing both your account information and the authenticator password at the time you enter them.”

Blizzard is looking into the trojan, but it says that currently, no antivirus system can deal with it. While World of Warcraft players can find if their computer is infected by searching for “Disker” or “Disker64” in the Startup Programs, the only way to get rid of it for now is to completely reformat the drive.

The studio is asking those who have recently seen their World of Warcraft accounts compromised to respond in a special messageboard with info that might help them track down the source of this threat.