Streaming video service Netflix just added a new feature to its original series House of Cards that will hopefully get everyone to re-watch those episodes again.

Today the company announced that House of Cards episodes will now feature director’s commentary tracks from the series’ crop of six directors, including tracks by Joel Schumacher and showrunner David Fincher.

The move, which was first rumored back in October, is basically ripping a page out of physical media’s book, having incentivized consumers with extras like the director’s commentary for years. However, adding commentary tracks is a brilliant move for Netflix because it helps them get twice as much entertainment value out of its original programs.

I’ve often wondered why Netflix hasn’t started adding director/producer commentary for some of its other licensed TV shows and, as it would have the same effect. And if the company were to produce original commentary tracks, it wouldn’t take away from those DVD/Blu-ray extra features added by film studios to boost physical sales. What it would do is make Netflix’s content more valuable for members — provided that there are enough people interested in such extra features.

But as for House of Cards, Netflix is likely doing everything it can to grow excitement about the show in anticipation of its second season, which is due out in February.

Via GigaOm