Nintendo is getting all bashful and covering up some skin on a couple of characters in the Square Enix role-playing game Bravely Default.

Bravely Default, which is out now in Europe and due Feb. 7 in North America, saw a small number of changes to tone down some of the game’s sexuality, as first spotted by a thread on the IGN message boards (via Polygon). While Square Enix published the title in Japan, Nintendo is handling distribution duties for Western markets, and the House of Mario is often squeamish when it comes to skin in its products.

The changes include adding more material to costumes for female characters that previously exposed their hips, cleavage, and more. Square Enix, Nintendo, and developer Silicon Studio also changed the age of some characters from 15 to 18, which is the legal age of adulthood in the U.S. and several other Western nations.

Bravely Default's NA/European costumes on the left. Japanese costumes on the right.

Above: Bravely Default’s North America/European costumes on the left. Japanese costumes on the right.

Bravely Default is currently rated “Teen” by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. We’ve reached out to Nintendo and Square Enix to ask if these changes were made to avoid a “Mature” rating, which would limit the RPG’s sales to adults 17 and older at many U.S. retailers. We’ll update this post with any new information.

Nintendo has a history of taming some of the violent and sexual elements of its releases. Way back in 1994, it took blood out of the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat. Last year, Nintendo added a sheet over a woman’s bikini-covered butt in downloadable content for Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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