The last Sega game based on the Alien movie franchise wasn’t exactly a winner, but that’s not stopping the publisher from trying again.

The company revealed Alien: Isolation today. Total War developer The Creative Assembly is producing the title for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It is due out in “late 2014,” according to Sega.

The Creative Assembly wants to make Alien: Isolation a survival-horror game. It puts players in control of Alien hero Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, who died before Ellen Ripley returned from her cryostasis in Aliens.

In Alien: Isolation, Amanda heads out looking for her mother after a representative from the company tells her that they think they have found Ellen. Naturally, her search doesn’t go well.

Sega release the following gameplay trailer, which reveals a scary first-person game:

“This has to be a horror game in order to create an experience that is terrifying and claustrophobic — a game where you’ll spend the entire time worrying about where the Alien is,” designer Gary Napper said.

Unlike the sequel film Aliens and the most-recent game, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Isolation won’t have scores of xenomorphs that players have to wipe out. Instead, The Creative Assembly’s take on the franchise will have a single, deadly creature that players will have to evade and hide from.

“In Isolation, the player is a normal person in an extraordinary situation,” said designer Clive Lindop. “The player isn’t equipped with firepower or military hardware. They are isolated. They are vulnerable. They are just trying to survive with whatever they can find in their environment.”


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