If you have a simple question for a large group, Polar may help you find an answer.

The social voting company, which raised $1.2 million in funding last year, today launched Polar for Publishers, enabling anyone to create and embed a “photo poll” on any device, from any device (except this refrigerator, perhaps). Polar was originally exclusive to smartphones, but it brought its polling service to the web last April, and now it’s available anywhere you can embed a web player.

Finished polls look like this — and go ahead, let us know whether Apple or Google is more likely to win the war for your dashboard.

Polar has found readers are over a hundred times more likely to vote in one of its polls than leave a comment on an article. (A key factor: The service provides for anonymous voting.)

“Now I’m not saying we should get rid of [comments entirely], but I think the shift to mobile is a very compelling reason to look for other solutions to audience engagement,” said Polar founder Luke Wroblewski. “We know images rule on mobile — see Instagram, Snapchat, Line, etc. We know lightweight and simple interactions rule on mobile. So lightweight, visual surveys and polls fit right in.”

And given the engagement Polar is seeing with its responsive polling service, said Wroblewski, “something is working there.”

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