Nintendo is leaving behind Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 as the premiere games in its Pokémon World Championships.

Nintendo revealed its plans for the upcoming Pokémon Championship Series competitions that will occur throughout the U.S. this month. These events give players a chance to prove their pocket-monster prowess. This is the first time the event has rolled around since Nintendo released Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS, and the company will focus on the those titles for the Championship competitions.

Nintendo is holding five regional events in January. The top finisher in these competitions get trophies as well as entries into the U.S. National Championships and potentially the 2014 World Championships, which take place this August in Washington, D.C.

The Pokémon regional events are open to the public and anyone that brings along a 3DS and a copy of Pokémon X or Y can compete. In addition to the gaming event, Pokémon fans can also enter the trading card-game competition.

Nintendo provided the following inforgraphic that illustrates when and where the Pokémon Championships will take place over the next few weeks:

Pokémon Regional Championships.

Above: Pokémon Regional Championships.

Image Credit: Nintendo
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