You can’t beat the house at a casino, but you could always build your own.

Developer Bee Cave Games revealed today that it has raised $1.9 million in additional seed funding. Investment firm Dragonrise Capital joined with previous investor Matrix Partners to inject the cash into the social-casino studio.

The studio produces things like the free-to-play Bee Cave Blackjack Casino for Facebook and mobile. Blackjack Casino features different Las Vegas-style games where players can wager virtual currency. These types of casual titles represent some of the highest-grossing titles on both social networks, iOS, and Android thanks to their high rate users making in-app purchases.

Bee Cave chief executive Erik Bethke revealed the company will use the capital to fund further development of its slots games.

“We are excited to continue working with Matrix Partners and happy to welcome Dragonrise Capital to the Bee Cave Games family,” he said. “This investment will allow us to continue our rapid pace of development as we break new ground in social casino gameplay.”

The developer added slots to its Blackjack Casino title in October. That game boasts features like Social Spins, which enables gamers to play together online to help each other earn free spins and more. It also features two-minute-long Live Slots Tournaments that pit five contestants against one another.

Bee Cave revealed that over the last month, Blackjack Casino gamers have shared over 750,000 Social Spins and compete in over 100,000 Live Slots Tournaments.

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