LAS VEGAS — HipShot Dot might improve your shooting in Call of Duty or Battlefield games and raise the level of respect that your fellow 12-year-old players have for shooting abilities.

The HipShot Dot from AirDrop Gaming gives you get a precise idea of where you are aiming when you are shooting from the hip in a first-person shooter game.The company showed off the product at the 2014 International CES (and it was part of our 2013 “Naughty and Nice” Alternative Holiday Gift Guide.)

A targeting laser helps you achieve the same goal. But it also gives away your own position. The dot shows exactly where you’re aiming, and it dispenses with the makeshift solution of taping crosshairs on your TV.

The dot is a USB-connected suction cup that gives you laser-light feedback. It won’t leave marks on your TV.

Tim Murphy of AirDrop Gaming in Grand Rapids, Mich., developed the dot out of his desire to become more competitive. He was a casual Call of Duty gamer, but his friends want to know what he had done to become better after he started using his own makeshift solution. He used expertise he gained as a U.S. Navy radar technician and industrial designer for a Fortune 500 company’s design studio.

It helps you aim faster, earn more points, and get the jump on fellow shooters. It works with any game console.

Murphy said he has other products in the works to improve the player performance. The dot sells for $30.