LAS VEGAS — With the thousands upon thousands of audio companies on display at this week’s CES 2014 trade show, you probably aren’t going to get noticed unless you go big.

The folks at Massive Audio figured this out and commissioned a full-sized villainous Dalek of Doctor Who fame to show off their audio gear. As you can see in the video embedded below, the “bump Dalek” belts out awesome sound and periodically says “exterminate.”

The Dalek itself contains 32 5.25-inch speakers, 5 amps, and a touch screen display. It took the team at Audio2000 about three months to build and would cost around $25,000 to recreate. The team told me they chose the dark/black Dalek because it looked the most menacing. (As long as it wasn’t those “iDaleks” from years ago.)

And the sound quality? Superb.

If you’re hoping to own one of these bad boys, you’re in luck. Massive Audio is planning to list the Dalek on eBay in the near future, with proceeds going to a BBC charity.