LAS VEGAS — Like a compact version of Philip’s Hue LED lighting system, Holi could be the connected LED lamp you’ve been waiting for.

The tiny 20 centimeter-by-20 cm lamp (which is only a mere 3 cm thick) sports an array of LED lights on its rear, all of which you can control with iOS or Android apps. Holi is more of a mood setter than a standalone lighting source (it puts out slightly more light than a 40 watt incandescent bulb), but it still opens up a new way for us to implement lighting in our homes.

Holi showed off its LED lamp at Eureka Park, the startup section of the International CES. Check out my interview with cofounder and chief operating officer Jerome Schonfeld below:

While most of us likely don’t think too much about home lighting, the rise of connected and colorful LED lightbulbs is worth paying attention to. They use up far less energy than typical lightbulbs, and they give you much more flexibility over your home’s ambiance.

To that effect, Holi offers some specific recipes for its lamp. For example, you can choose some warm colors when the temperature drops outside or something psychedelic for parties. Holi can also synchronize its lighting to music.

The lamp’s biggest problem right now is that it’s still pretty expensive at €200 ($273). Holi is working on U.S. distribution, which should lead to a cheaper price in North America. For now, if you’re really interested in colorful LED lighting, you’re better off with grabbing Philips’ Hue starter kit for $200. (After using the Hue system for a month, VentureBeat reporter Ricardo Bilton found a lot to like about it.)