LAS VEGAS — If you skipped bartender school but would like to impress people with your ability to mix drinks, Brookstone has a product for you.

The retailer will soon begin selling Perfect Drink’s Smart Scale, which tells you exactly how to create a mixed drink. It does so by measuring the exact amount of a liquid that you pour into a glass or mixing cup sitting on the scale.

Brookstone showed the scale off this week at the 2014 International CES, one of the world’s largest tech events.

It comes with an iOS or Android app that tells you the recipes for making drinks. It also shows an image of how much you should pour into the container. When you pour enough, it tells you to switch to the next ingredient. If you pour too much, it will recalculate the ingredient ratios so that you can still make a good cocktail.

The Smart Scale costs $70 and it is available now in Brookstone stores.