A Call of Duty: Ghosts player found a way to abuse Xbox One’s voice commands for some first-class trolling. And it’s genius.

As spotted by¬†Computer and Video Games U.K.,¬†YouTube contributor Master of Luck created the Gamertag “Xbox Sign Out” and began playing the Call of Duty: Ghosts. He then pestered his teammates until they addressed him — by his Gamertag, naturally.

Suddenly, they found themselves ripped out of the game and asked if they were sure they wanted to sign out of Xbox One.

Master of Luck captured the reactions of those lucky enough to catch their mistake and cancel the sign out process. Some appreciated the humor, others not so much.

Microsoft included “Xbox, Sign Out” as one of several simple voice commands designed to streamline interaction with the Xbox One. The system’s bundled Kinect camera automatically listens for these commands at all times, even when a user is in-game.

That’s why naughty tricks like this are possible.

Microsoft declined GamesBeat’s request for comment, and Activision was unavailable.


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