Belgian Internet radio startup Radionomy confirmed that it has acquired the once greatly popular music player Winamp from media giant AOL, the companies announced today.

Winamp, which rose to fame after launching 15 years ago as a Windows-based music player, was originally supposed to be shut down by AOL back in December, but it lived on thanks to dedicated fans. New owner Radionomy is a European music startup that launched back in 2012. It’s basically a free service that helps people generate online radio stations, with 13 million unique listeners.

The deal also includes the sale of Internet broadcasting service ShoutCast, yet another music property previously owned by AOL. But AOL also entirely exiting the two services, as Belgian publication De Tije is reporting that the company has a minority stake in Radionomy after the startup’s last funding round.

This is likely a smart move by AOL, since the company itself hasn’t really been popular when it comes to implementing niche properties in things like music, comic books, and a handful of other topics.