It’s 2014, but there’s a good chance your office manager maintains order in your workplace simply with lots of spreadsheets, shared files, and a bit of luck.

Austin-based Pingboard hopes to offer some hope for the the tortured office manager with its software, which serves as a single place to store critical office information and communicate with employees. Pingboard announced today that it has raised $1.25 million in seed funding led by Silverton Partners.

“We built Pingboard for ourselves upon noticing all the inefficiencies in our own office management at [Austin’s] Capital Factory,” said founder Bill Boebel. “We realized no software exists just for office management. While there is great software for enterprise IT and HR, there was no platform or API to automate people processes.”

Pingboard functions like a live, self-editable online directory for your office. You can easily access information about employees, and Pingboard also offers an API for companies to access that information automatically. While smaller companies can likely make do with a simple shared doc or Wiki, Pingboard seems like a solution for the firms that are outgrowing those basic collaborative solutions.