An early version of Titanfall is out in the wild, and a few lucky Battlefield 4 players are receiving invitations to test out the first-person shooter.

Developer Respawn Entertainment revealed it’s holding an early test of its upcoming Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC blockbuster. The studio invited a random selection of Battlefield 4 players to participate in the testing, which should help Respawn finish developing the game before its March 14 launch.

The test is running this weekend on Xbox One only.

Titanfall’s website has a page that enables gamers to apply for a chance to get into the test using their Origin account info. Origin is EA’s online-gaming platform and digital-distribution service.

We reached out to Respawn, which confirmed that it is indeed holding what it is calling an “alpha” test. It wants to start stressing out its servers to see how Titanfall performs in a situation with real players.

Titanfall is the first game from Respawn. It has players taking the role of a soldier during a futuristic conflict. While on foot, characters can use specialized equipment to run on walls and double jump across gaps at high speed. The shooter also has players calling in giant, walking robots suits that will follow the player around. Of course, gamers can also jump into the mechs and pilot them when they need some more firepower.

A number of former Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare developers from Infinity Ward make up Respawn. Infinity Ward founders Vince Zampella and Jason West created Respawn after Activision fired them following the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Titanfall is also one of the first big games that will separate the Xbox One from the PlayStation 4. Microsoft signed an agreement with EA that will keep the game off of Sony platforms. Respawn is leading development of the game on Xbox One, and it is also developing the game for PC. An unknown developer is porting the title to Xbox 360.

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