Verizon still has no clue what makes T-Mobile’s early upgrade program so appealing.

Verizon quietly updated its “Edge” early upgrade program this weekend so that you can get a new phone after 30 days rather than the previous six months, CNet reports.

But the biggest limitation in Verizon’s program still remains: You have to pay off half of the value of your phone to be eligible for an early upgrade. Given that a phone like the iPhone 5S starts at around $620, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out quite a bit to upgrade your phone early.

A Verizon representative tells CNet that the reduced upgrade timing is technically a promotion without an end date. But really, it’s not much of a promotion since it doesn’t really cost Verizon anything.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all launched early upgrade programs after T-Mobile unveiled its “Jump” program, which allows subscribers to upgrade their phones twice a year for a $10 a month fee. T-Mobile’s program also includes warranty service that covers your phone if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen, so it’s a pretty great value all around. But it’s clear that the other carriers don’t have the wherewithal to offer something as compelling as T-Mobile’s. (Not surprisingly, Sprint dumped its program last week.)