Today’s Dead Rising 3 patch comes with a thoughtful feature (besides fixing a bunch of bugs). Rather than split the zombie-massacring game’s online servers between those who will have the upcoming Operation Broken Eagle expansion and those who won’t, an update for all players will allow everyone to continue playing together (as if they were all on the same servers). But there’s a big catch. Everyone has to download a hard-drive-filling, data-cap-breaking 13GB update for their Xbox Ones.

Thirteen gigabytes is huge. To put it into perspective, maybe 20 of the over 70 PlayStation 3 games I’ve downloaded were over 10GB. Those are full games, not updates.

Operation Broken Eagle launches tomorrow. For $9.99, players will receive a new mission, six weapons, a vehicle, an outfit, and the potential to earn more Achievements. It is also available as a part of the game’s season pass, which includes all four planned expansions for a discounted price of $29.99.

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