Pinterest just keeps getting more useful.

The bookmarking company announced today that it will let you input the random ingredients you have in your fridge and find pinned recipes that use those ingredients.

Got some asparagus and leftover pesto? Pinterest will serve you up a pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes recipe. What about chickpeas and chicken thighs? You might find a Moroccan chicken and rice recipe.

Pinterest is smartly identifying the areas of its site that are becoming popular and then building on them. Food is one of the most-used categories on Pinterest, which makes sense as many people rely on the website as a digital recipe box.

Recently, the company released its “more useful pins” product, which embeds more information into a pin than just the pinner’s own caption. On recipes, pins often pull the ingredients list and instructions, transforming the pin into its own recipe card.

With today’s additions, you’ll be able to filter recipes by dietary preferences and needs as well. These include “gluten free,” “vegan,” and “paleo.” There’s also an “indulge me” filter, which will only return sweets results.

In November, Pinterest released a new maps feature to support another popular area of the website: travel. In this feature, pinners are able to overlay specific pins on places on a map. There are many pins on Pinterest that showcase a beautiful location, but when you click through, the original website doesn’t give any information about where the picture was snapped. The map overlay gives these pins more value.

Of course, now we’re just waiting to hear what special thing Pinterest is doing to its “wedding” section, completing the trifecta of things people obsess over on Pinterest.