Nintendo is leaking profits, its Wii U home console isn’t catching on, and most analysts are calling for it to start making iPhone games — but at least Jimmy Fallon talked about the company on his show last night.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s host took some time during his monologue yesterday to pile on the beleaguered gaming company. He noted that Nintendo is expecting to post a loss for its fiscal year and made a couple of jokes about its financial situation.

Check it out in the video below:

The Japanese gaming publisher revealed last week that it expects to lose around $240 million for the fiscal year ending March 31. Previously, Nintendo told investors that it anticipated a net profit of $530 million. Sluggish sales for the Wii U were the primary culprit for the hardware manufacturer’s gloomy performance. While Nintendo expected to sell 9 million Wii Us in 2013, it is now estimating it will only sell 2.9 million.

Despite its weak sales, Nintendo chief executive officer Satoru Iwata said he doesn’t plan to resign. He also doesn’t want his storied hardware company to start releasing games like Mario or Pokémon for other platforms. Industry analysts often claim the company could start generating revenues by releasing its popular franchises on booming mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.


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