Pinterest released its Interests page today, which shows that the company is interested in building tools to get to know you better.

Pinterest currently helps you find new pins through a few different avenues. First, your board’s feed pushes new pins to you, but these are based on your friends’ interests, not necessarily yours. You can check out Pinterest’s premade categories such as Food or Weddings, which gets you a little closer to your interests. You can also search for pins further down the feed, but still, you are actively searching out a specific topic.

Interests is intending to bring pins that Pinterest thinks you’ll like straight to you. The Interests board takes into consideration the intricacies of the things you pin. The company uses travel as an example. If you like travel, you can always go to that category page, but Interests will recognize that not only do you like travel but that you specifically like travel in New York City. It’ll then serve up pins related to NYC in your Interests area.

The company is on a mission to expand its website and data knowledge by connecting you with new corners of the service. It recently released an updated search capability for one of its most popular categories: food. The recipe finder enables you to search for specific ingredients you might already have and then provides you with a recipe that fits them.

You can further drill down the search to only include sweets, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, or gluten-free recipes.

The company says that it’s still learning about you through your pins and will evolve as you evolve.