Social TV service GetGlue is no more, but this doesn’t mean that it’s going away.

GetGlue’s new owners, i.TV, decided to rebrand the service it purchased late last year to TVtag. It now puts an emphasis on notable moments within particular live programming instead of simply asking people to check in and share comments about an entire TV series. This seems like a wise move, especially since Twitter now counts its TV watching audience (as well as the ad dollars it generates) as part of its main business strategy.

TVtag now asks you to interact with shows as you’re watching them with comments, doodles, or even new memes. (I’m guessing this means you can draw or add text to screenshots of these shows, much like viewers do now with Yahoo’s IntoNow app.) You may also research programs directly from TVtag, replacing the potentially annoying toggling between IMDb and Wikipedia for info about actors, productions, episode lists, and more.

Of course, it still has some of the classic GetGlue functionality, too. This means you can still check in to shows, gain exclusive stickers, and vote in polls.

The service is debuting a TVtag iOS app for free today in the App Store.