None of us are in charge of the Wii U (unless you’re reading this, Mr. Iwata). Nintendo’s newest console is having a hard time finding an audience. In fact, the recently released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are already catching up to the Wii U’s lifetime sales despite its one-year head start.

But let’s pretend that Nintendo kicked CEO Satoru Iwata’s butt to the curb and tasked us with saving its fledgling system. How would you go about it? Would you put some big games into development? Maybe try to create a new franchise instead of relying on Mario and Zelda? How about some new online features? Or would you just throw your hands in the air and work on a new console?

Write a story and tell us how you’d solve the Wii U problem. And if you don’t know how to write for us, head over to our “about” page. It tells you how to submit stories for GamesBeat Unfiltered, our community-focused site where all our readers can publish their own writing. Our editors will select your best stories, edit them, and put them on GamesBeat’s front page.

Happy writing, everyone!

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