Time to clean out your ears, because the PlayStation 4 is about to assault your inner lobes with 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Sony announced this morning that it will release the 1.60 firmware update for the PS4 later tonight. The primary purpose of this patch is to add support for surround sound when transmitting wireless audio. This will enable the Pulse: Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset and Sony’s Gold Wireless Headset to playback in-game audio in 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The 1.60 update will also include improvements to the overall performance of the PS4’s user interface, which will add stability to the experience. Gamers will also now have the option to mute the microphone on their PS4 camera.

“Audio is a critical part of the overall gaming experience, and because our headsets are made for PlayStation gamers, by gamers, you’ll truly hear the action the way it was meant to sound,” Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing boss John Koller said in a statement. “We’re also excited to introduce our new Gold Wireless Headset, which provides the actual audio experience that game developers created.”

The Pulse headset is available now for $120. Sony’s Gold headphones retails for $100.

To get the most out of the headsets, Sony will also release its Headset Companion App. This software will have a list of developer-specified sound profiles. This will automatically set up the audio options to process the best sound depending on the game.

Finally, the 1.60 patch will also enable players to mute their PlayStation 4 cameras. Currently, in multiplayer matches, gamers that have their cameras connected are broadcasting all the sound from their room into the chat channel. This new feature will enable players to mute that so they no longer annoy their fellow players.


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