Facebook is famous for its engineering prowess and hacker culture. So what better way to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary than an infographic showing Facebook developers at their very finest?

Let’s take a little walk down the more recently paved sections of Memory Lane:

  • September 2011: Zuckerberg unveils huge changes for Facebook at f8 — changes in interfaces and ways for developers to use them.
  • August 2011: Facebook open-sources its hardware. For real.
  • February. 2012: Apps using Timeline’s features see a solid bump in traffic and engagement.
  • February 2012: Zuckerberg outlines “the Hacker Way” — and draws the attention of old-school hackers.
  • April 2012: Engineers start hacking on new acquisition Instagram.
  • September 2012: Facebook speeds up its mobile release cycle to monthly mobile updates.
  • June 2013: Some of Facebook’s biggest engineering challenges ever come to life as the company rolls out Graph Search.
  • December 2013: What Facebook did in a year of hackathons.

And now, we infographic!

Facebook engineering timeline