UPDATE: The VB news internship for 2014 has been filled. Please welcome our newest staffer, Kia Kokalitcheva!

If you’re craving newsroom experience at one of the fastest-growing tech blogs covering Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley and beyond, we’ve got a great opportunity for you.

VentureBeat is hiring an intern — not a go-fer, not a maid, not a punching bag. A real, paid, news-writing professional who wants to get on-the-job experience, build a portfolio, network in the tech world, and possibly work toward a full-time position at VentureBeat.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Some blogging experience. WordPress familiarity is a plus!
  • The ability to write well and relatively quickly.
  • The desire to do actual reporting — not just copy/paste press releases.
  • A positive attitude: Willingness to learn and incorporate constructive feedback.
  • Located in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City area.
  • Interest in technology, business, and the business of technology.
  • A degree (or working toward a degree) in media, communications, English, or better still, journalism.
  • Optional: A penchant for public speaking, podcasting, online video, stand-up comedy, or other such interests.

What you’ll get:

  • Newsroom experience with a team of expert reporters and editors.
  • On-the-job training for everything a news blogger can encounter.
  • Collaboration, support, and friendship from the whole team (we love our culture).
  • A group of hands-on editors who will coach you and help you grow as a reporter and writer.
  • A roster of sources at some of the biggest, most exciting companies in the tech universe.
  • So much fun. Memories to last a lifetime. Really great stories.
  • If your work merits it, recommendations and introductions — or even a job offer.

Here’s what our former intern (and then full-time reporter) Rebecca Grant has to say about the position:

As an intern at VB, you are thrown headlong into the tech community. You learn a lot in a short period of time about the tech industry, online media, and journalism. You learn to write extremely fast, and you learn how to turn something boring and/or complicated into a compelling story. You also get the chance to interview interesting people and develop a valuable network of sources. It’s a strong foundation for anyone tech-obsessed looking to get into journalism or for any journalists looking to break into the startup world.

Previous interns have gone on to full-time jobs at Wired, the Wall Street Journal, and Buzzfeed, as well as VentureBeat itself.

Apply by sending an email to internship@venturebeat.com. Send in a few links to blog posts or news clips, and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you like to write about, what blogs you read, and what your goals are. A resume and/or LinkedIn profile would also be great.