The PlayStation Vita is looking to drop a few pounds in time for summer.

Sony revealed today that it’s launching the redesigned PlayStation Vita 2000 this spring in the U.S. During a Los Angeles event, Sony marketing boss John Koller announced that the new handheld will appear in a $200 package that also includes the Vita version of Borderlands 2 and an 8GB storage card.

This new PlayStation Vita first debuted in October in Japan. It is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the original, which should make the device more portable. But not every change is an improvement. Vita 2000 uses an LCD screen instead of the OLED that the first Vita sports. LCDs are typically less vibrant and sharp than their OLED counterparts. The current Vita model is highly regarded for its screen.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each screen:

The original Vita is on the top. Vita 2000 is on the bottom.

Above: The original Vita is on the top. Vita 2000 is on the bottom.

Image Credit: Hiro_1998

Sony released the Vita 2000 in the U.K. on Feb. 7.

As for Borderlands 2, the Vita version will have a number of cool features. It supports four-player co-op. Gamers can also cross-save with the PS3 version, which means they can pick up their existing save and continue playing it on the go. Finally, the Vita release includes all of the downloadable-content packs.


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