Bill Gates is hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit yet again, and this time he’s offering up his thoughts on the NSA.

When asked by one Reddit user how he feels about “the NSA and its oversight of computer usage,” Gates responded directly, but remained even-tempered.

Referring to the U.S. government in its entirety, Gates said it “will have to be more open” but acknowledged, “There is a role for the government to try and stop crime and terrorism.”

Here’s his response in full:

This is a complex issue. Privacy will be increasingly important as cameras and GPS sensors are gathering information to try and be helpful. We need to have trust in the way information is protected and gathered. There is a role for the government to try and stop crime and terrorism but it will have to be more open. I do think terrorism with biological or nuclear weapons is something we want to minimize the chance of.

Mr. Gates did not leave his sense humor at home today, either:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.21.01 PM

This AMA is timed nicely considering Microsoft’s major leadership changes, including a more involved role for Gates. Hopefully the Microsoft founder will also reveal additional details regarding his new role.