Updated with more details about Hulu’s original kids show Doozers.

Hulu has reached a new deal with major broadcaster CBS that will add a ton of new content to the streaming video service over the next few weeks, the companies announced today.

But if you’re hoping for new episodes of currently airing TV series like The Big Bang Theory, then you might be a bit disappointed. The new content deal will add over 5,300 episodes to Hulu’s library from such shows as Undercover Boss, United States of Tara, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Ghost Whisperer. It also includes episodes from classic shows like Taxi and The Brady Bunch. This also includes CBS content that Hulu negotiated back in 2012.

With both Netflix and Amazon forging new content licensing deals on a consistent basis, Hulu’s new agreement with CBS should keep the streaming video service relatively competitive with its rivals.

Hulu also announced today that it has acquired its first original children’s series — a show called Doozers from the Jim Henson Company. The show will be a spin-off from classic ’80s Jim Henson creation Fraggle Rock. The company sent over the following details about the new series:

“…wanted to share the more in depth news that the lil green builders from “Fraggle Rock” are returning on April 25 to encourage kids to design, create and innovate only on Hulu Kids. Hulu has exclusively acquired U.S. rights for Jim Henson’s “Doozers” as the first show for the Hulu Kids audience under the Hulu Original Series banner. “Doozers” is an animated preschool series from The Jim Henson Company (“Dinosaur Train” and “Sid the Science Kid”) and DHX Media (“Yo Gabba Gabba” and “Johnny Test!”). With 52 11-minute episodes, “Doozers” follows an innovative design thinking curriculum aligning with the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) initiative.”

The move can also be viewed as part of Hulu’s strategy to stay competitive with Netflix and Amazon Prime — both of which have an entire lineup of original kids shows planned.