A reference to new Apple TV hardware appeared within a recent version of Apple’s iOS 7 software today — supporting rumors that the company is planning a new version of its set-top box in the near future.

The new hardware mention, which 9to5mac first discovered, comes in the form of a reference within an Apple TV framework for the device’s AirPlay functionality. Apple apparently added the reference as far back as September, but it was only recently discovered.

A new model of Apple TV would hardly come as a surprise. The company recently gave the product its own page on Apple’s retail site alongside iPods, Macs, iPads, and iPhones. It’s also been nearly a year since Apple last released a new version. And let’s not forget that Apple CEO Tim Cook’s stance that television is an area the company is very interested in.

As for what a new model Apple TV, previous rumors indicate that Apple might be including more support for iOS mobile games, an Apple TV-specific app store, a TV tuner that can pick up locally broadcasted TV stations, and an integrated Wi-Fi router.