Justin.tv, Inc. is now Twitch Interactive, Inc.

The livestreaming company announced that it is changing its corporate name to better reflect the huge growth of its gaming business. While Twitch Interactive is now the umbrella name that the tech startup’s other products will operate under, it also confirmed that it will keep Justin.tv around as the name of its standard (non-gaming) streaming site.

Justin.tv is a livestreaming site that debuted in 2007. It enables people to stream themselves or their content live to the Internet. In 2011, after hosting a huge amount of gaming content, Justin.tv spun off Twitch.tv (now known simply as Twitch) to specifically focus on game streaming.

This all comes as Twitch revealed that it now has 1 million monthly broadcasters that stream gameplay using the platform.

“As Twitch has continued to grow as the leader of the video game streaming space, it has eclipsed our previous initiatives. Given our total focus on serving the gaming community, it makes sense to reposition it as our primary brand,” Twitch founder Emmett Shear said in a statement. “Seven years ago, Justin.tv pioneered live video on the web, and while I remain proud of all the work we did under that name, I’m even more excited about our new future as Twitch.”

Twitch is one of the biggest sites on the Internet. In addition to the number of broadcasters, the video site revealed that it has 45 million viewers each month. In terms of engagement, those content consumers spend an average of 106 minutes per session watching Twitch each day.

The most recent growth spurt for Twitch comes from the launch of the PlayStation 4. Since the console debuted in November, its built-in Twitch-streaming functionality has already enabled 200,000 gamers to broadcast their gameplay to the world. That’s 20 percent of Twitch’s total streamers. That number will continue to rise as Sony sells more PS4s and when Microsoft finally debuts its Twitch-streaming functionality for the Xbox One.

“Twitch has broken down significant technical barriers by enabling gamers to share their experiences in a live and interactive fashion with millions around the world,” said Jesse Divnich, the vice president of insights at video game market research firm EEDAR.

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