VentureBeat is coming off a strong year during which traffic grew (by 48 percent), revenue grew, and we broke some major stories.

We saw again and again throughout 2013 that our most popular stories were the ones where we broke news, did original reporting, and provided the kind of smart, contextualized analysis that VentureBeat is known for.

We’ve always prized reporting over reblogging, facts over rumors, and analysis over snark. That alone has made us stand out among tech blogs.

The good news is that this approach to hard-hitting journalism also appears to be a good business. So we’re doubling down on that in 2014.

We’re happy to announce a few new hires and some promotions, all aimed at boosting VB’s reporting depth.

These new hires are a continuation of VentureBeat’s long history of investigative reporting and deep analysis. They — and hires to come — will help us continue to break news that other outlets haven’t touched.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Jolie O’Dell, Managing Editor: O’Dell joined VentureBeat in 2011. Previously, she was at Mashable and ReadWrite. O’Dell has authored four books, including two books on consumer technologies, and is an active and passionate speaker at technology conferences such as DEMO, Intel’s AppUp, Node Summit, and VentureBeat’s many conferences.
  • Harrison Weber, News Editor (New York desk): Weber is a journalist based in New York City. A former Editor for The Next Web, he most recently helped launch FullStart, an education-focused publication powered by 100+ contributing entrepreneurs. Weber has been profiled by Forbes, Business Insider and Pando Daily.
  • Devindra Hardawar, Senior Editor: Hardawar started VentureBeat’s New York bureau in 2010. As Senior Editor, he is focusing his expertise on mobile hardware and software. Hardawar is a regular guest on NPR, and has appeared as an expert source on CNBC.
  • Christina Farr, Investigative Reporter: Since 2012, Farr has broken some of VentureBeat’s biggest stories. Among them, an exclusive first look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which landed VentureBeat on the TODAY Show, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, BBC, USA Today, The Guardian and countless other outlets around the world. Prior to VentureBeat, Farr was a contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle, The Next Web and Digital Trends. She has also appeared on CNBC, ABC and Fox News.
  • Richard Byrne Reilly, Reporter: Reilly joins the San Francisco desk of VentureBeat to cover Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other leading technology companies. His work has appeared in New York magazine,, the New York Post, Red Herring, the San Francisco Examiner, the Pittsburgh Tribune, and many other publications. In his first week at VB, he scored a scoop about how the NYPD is beta-testing Google Glass.

Other recent appointments include reporters Jordan Novet (formerly with GigaOm) and Eric Blattberg (formerly with, both of whom joined the team in late 2013. Together, Novet and Blattberg fill out VentureBeat’s coverage of enterprise, cloud, and big data technologies.

There’s more information about VentureBeat’s editorial team on our “About” page.

And don’t miss our lineup of six industry-defining events in 2014, including the upcoming, invitation-only Mobile Summit (April 14-15, at Cavallo Point Resort in Calif.) and our second annual DataBeat (May 19-20 in San Francisco).